Hakusanyu Rokujō

Hakusan-yu Rokujō

白山湯 六条

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This is a slightly larger version of a regular neighborhood sentō. As in any city in Japan land is scarce and going up often provides the solution. This solution was chosen for this bath house too. The baths are stacked, the men’s baths are on a different floor from the women’s. While at it they also built in a few levels for car parking. The urban atmosphere this provides is definitely a selling point for this sentō.

Different floors for the men’s and women’s baths means they aren’t mirrored with identical features as is the case in a regular public bath. The men’s baths has, besides the hot bath, the following features:

The women get the same features, but get an added rooftop open air bath thrown in.


In business since: 2002
Hours: 15:00 - 00:00
Closed: Wednesday
Address: Kyoto, Shimogyō Ward, Ushitoracho 893


Rotenburo, jet bath, sauna, cold bath, massage bath, jacuzzi, electric bath.

Getting there

By train: the nearest train station is Gojō on the Kyoto subway Karasuma line. From there walk about 5 minutes west along Gojō street and take a left into one of the side streets. Click on the map below for exact walking directions. Read more here on getting around Kyoto by train.

By bus: the nearest bus stop is Karasuma-Gojō on Gojō. Line 73 coming from Kyoto station stops here. Alternatively Hakusanyu Rokujō can be reached on foot from either Kyoto station or Shijō street in less than 15 minutes. Also read here on how to get around Kyoto by bus.

On the map

Click on the marker on the map below to get easy directions from your location to Hakusan-yu Rokujō.

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